Official references of the Teacher´s Set?

  • International Language Accreditation IALFAC141015-LP-189
  • Recommendation clause of the Ministry of Education
  • Results of university research
  • We have done a comparative reseach between classes using Genki English and "classic" method. - Click here for the results ...

Teachers who are already using GE Set said: 

Genki English is a great program for learning English at primary school. It is one of the most interesting forms of learning English I have used till now. 

Pupils were really interested in learning English. They were looking forward to playing Genki games and they learned new words very quickly. This program is also suitable for students with special learning needs. Genki lessons are effortless, funny, interesting and diverse.

Jana, Slovakia

Do you want your students to enjoy your lessons, speak and love English?

Do you want to spend more time for real teaching and for your hobbies than for "hunting" for materials, resources, writing plans, etc.?

Let your dreams come true ...
... Genki English will do it for you :)

Is Genki English Teacher´s Set for me?

  • Are you a teacher of English at primary or language school?
  • Are you a private teacher of English?
  • Are you an owner or a head of school?

You´ve just said YES

Children learn, they have fun and you have fun too! Teaching & learning English will never be the same!

What is in this Set?

  • Unique Licensed software Genki English clearly divided into levels and lessons
  • Practical Printable Pack
  • Great & Catchy MP3 Songs Pack
  • Free bonus: Ninja Discipline Tips E--book
  • Lifetime membership in VIP Club with huge amount of teaching&learning materials

Author of the Set: Mr. Richard Graham 


Yes, we have been using Genki English Teacher´s Set ...

Nela S., SVK - Teacher

I've been using Genki English for 3 years with my kids and they really like it and going crazy. I personally love it. It's a great software with lots of games and also lots of fun.

Ola H., PL - Teacher

My students really enjoy learning GE and they find out that learning doesn't have to be boring and difficult. 

In Genki English Teacher´s Set you will get

  • One page printable lesson plans to be used along with the online lesson plans.
  • Over 300 MP3 songs, mini lessons & karaoke instrumentals from 13 different learning volumes
  • Ilustrated/Animated versions of the songs
  • Talking flashcards
  • Animated mini lessons
  • Computer game for each theme
  • Printable pdf files of worksheets 
  • Printable B-W minicards
  • Genki Phonics Reading Programme created exactly for EFL teaching - The Fastest & Easiest way to teach reading to students of any age.
  • Ninja Tricks for Perfect Discipline eBook for free
  • Permission to use the pack in a classroom setting.

Once you buy the pack you have Lifetime Membership to all the new materials in VIP OWNER'S AREA where you have exclusive access to:

  • A4 flashcards for the songs
  • Colour minicards
  • New picture books
  • Bonus card games
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Spaghetti Tests
  • Imagination Workheets
  • Evaluation Sheets
  • Top 50 Classroom Games" ebook
  • all new materials ...

Technical parametres

  • The Genki English Software is compatible with Windows 8,7, 10, XP, Vista, Linux or Max OSX.
  • In case of interest to use it on more computers / notebooks, we will work out a special offer for you, please contact us.

Lesson Plans

The aim of Genki English is to get the kids able to say anything they want to say in English in as short a period of time as possible. 

The themes were chosen by researching hundreds and hundreds of kids and finding out wha tthey want to say. Though the curriculum is now also used to teach many adults as they find the course much more fun than traditional textbooks :).

Genki English has been created by a native speaker who has his own experience with EFL teaching and he chose the word "genki" as the name of the way of teaching English during his stay in Japan where he was teaching English at schools.

"Genki" means "full of live and energy".Each lesson should have the following sections:


Games provide extra motivation to learn the target language. Good games allow the kids to practice with their peers. The lessons become less teacher orientated and more student orientated.

And the biggest advantage of using songs with games is that they are FUN!!

Genki Phonics

The idea of phonics is that you teach your students the various English sounds, then the letters they correspond to. 

The advantage of this over simply teaching the alphabet is that once they have mastered the main sounds, they can then read many English words.